Bracket Room Coming to Clarendon, VA

My good friend Chris Bukowski is opening up a restaurant in Arlington, VA this summer called Bracket Room. The restaurant is under construction right now, but you can walk by 1210 N. Garfield Street and see the signs in the windows that give you a preview of the sports bar.

“A new local ‘go-to’ gathering spot in hip and Metro-accessible Arlington will serve up fresh food and drinks, as well as, exciting sporting entertainment– all with a modern, female-friendly, ambiance.”

He is currently looking for bartenders, servers, kitchen staff, hosts, and more. Chris asked me to come over and try on some of the bartenders’ tank tops that came in. Here is a preview of what the female bartenders will be wearing:


The shirts are super cute and say either “Sassy, not classy,” or “Spicy, not Sweet.” I’ll keep you updated on when exactly the restaurant will be opening.

xO, Michelle



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