Recap: SummerPalooza!


On Wednesday, I went to the Greg’s List DC SummerPalooza! event at 1776. Before I get into the event, let’s backtrack for a second. What is Greg’s List DC? Well, it is an event website for the DC area that keeps people up-to-date on the best social events around. Fittingly, its slogan is: “Nowhere to go? Know where to go!” And, evidently, SummerPalooza was not only a great networking event; it was Greg’s birthday party too!

Greg'sListDCSponsors(SummerPalooza Sponsors)

Back to the event: It. Was. Awesome. Because of all the sponsors, the event was completely free of charge (drinks too). All you had to do was sign up before the tickets sold out. I was a bit late on the game, but luckily got off the wait list in time.

There were so many entertaining and creative booths. I snapped a few quick shots of my favorite ones. (I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality!)

 photo(5)(Sprinkles Cupcakes: This was a favorite for obvious reasons. The cupcakes were delicious, as always.)

photo(6)(Yelp: The Yelp booth was pretty fun! If you checked into 1776 on your yelp account, you could play the yelpers at the booth rock paper scissors. If you won best two out of three, you got to take home a Yelp shot glass!)

photo(7)(People writing their wishes down.)

photo(9)(My last favorite booth was Teavine, a unique alcoholic drink. I got to sample the drink and loved it! It’s a mixture of organic green tea, organic honey, and white wine. I highly recommend it.)

All in all the booths were very fun to make my way around. But my favorite part was the people. I am constantly taken back by all the intelligent, nice, and caring people I have met so for in DC. This was a great opportunity to meet DC’s young business crowd.


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