Recap: Bracket Room VIP Pre-Opening Party

Tuesday night, the ladies of Social DC PR attended the VIP Pre-Opening Party at Bracket Room, located in Clarendon. As some of you may already know, Bracket Room is the hot new sports bar owned by DC celeb and Bachelor, Chris Bukowski.


Now, when an event contains the words “VIP” and “Party”, you know it will be a good time.  This pre-opening party was definitely a good time. Where do I begin? Well, first off lets talk about the key successes to any sports bar:

Food and Alcohol

The food was AMAZING. Or at least that was the overall reaction from the attendees. Being a vegetarian unfortunately left me with no option but to decline the waiters who were offering the yummy looking hors d’oeuvres.  The waiters carried tastings of Bracket Room’s menu items including BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Lamb Lollipops, Tangy Buffalo Chicken Wings, VA’s Best Pizza, and for those with a sweet tooth, Bracket Room’s Big Easy Beignets.



The bar was surrounded by party guests sipping on wine and cocktails. My drink of choice is always a Vodka Soda, which at Bracket Room was decently priced and perfectly made to my liking (not too strong, but enough to know that I am not drinking just club soda). To my surprise, I also ventured away from my usual go-to drink and ordered a glass of the Annalisa Pinot Grigio. I am a huge wine lover and can be very critical of my wines, however this Pinot did not disappoint.

One thing you will notice about Bracket Room is the abundance of flat screen TVs that line the walls (obviously, it’s a sports bar). However because this was an event,  a football/baseball/golf/soccer game would not blend well with the party vibe. Instead, the flat screens displayed a variety of music video mash-ups.  At one point I was literally surrounded by 50 Miley Cyrus’ twerking with over sized teddy bears. Despite that brief moment of terror, the music videos really added to the fun atmosphere of the event.


Chris Bukowski was not the only reality star to be seen at Bracket Room Tuesday night.  From Bravo’s The Real Housewives of DC, Mary Schmidt Amons was also in attendance, as well as other local celebs.


Overall, I give this VIP party an A+. The food was great, the booze was better, and everyone in attendance was having a great time pretending it was Friday night instead of the actual Tuesday.

Remember: Tuesday, September 10th, Social DC PR will be hosting Chris Bukowski’s birthday party at Bracket Room starting at 8pm. There will be awesome drink specials including $3 Zywiec Bottles, $4 Goose Island 312 Drafts, and $5 Annalisa Pinot Grigio. The $5 cover goes directly to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in memory of Bachelorette, Gia Allemand. Don’t miss out!


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