Mad-O-Ween Recap

Well, there’s no doubt that Mad-O-Ween had a mad turn out!

Way before 10 PM, the line was out the door with costumed Mad-O-Weeners ready for a crazy, mad time. The drink special of the night was Mad Rose’s very own “RIPs” and you could tell how much of a hit it was since you could see the blue drink in everyone’s hands throughout the night. If you were lucky enough, glow sticks were handed out for you  to get your rave on and dance the night away. Everyone was creative with their costumes – I think I saw everyone from Ted to Duck Dynasty as well as  the most creative, a person who dressed up as the “Government Shutdown.” It was a party you did NOT want to miss. But in case you did, here are, of course, some pictures for your eyes to feast on:

mad o ween 2

Enter if you dare.

mad o ween1

Line crowding up to get into Mad Rose

photo 4(1)

A few of the creative costumes of the night.

Indian Tribe!

photo 2(1)

Getting the dance floor warmed up..

photo 5(1)

“I’ll have an RIP please”

photo 3(1)

Beautiful girls getting photo bombed


The government may be shut down… but it’s definitely still a pimp.


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