Anniversary Letter

Dear Michelle and Jamie:

Cheers To The New Year

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse:” Florence Nightingale. Since I started my journey at Social DC PR about one year ago you two have always reminded me to never let any excuses stand in the way of my dreams and that advice encourages and motivates me everyday in this field. Michelle and Jamie you constantly inspired me with your generosity, patience, enthusiasm and passion in everything you do. You trusted me and opened the door to the company and I can only hope that someday you will see your efforts reflected in my success. What I love the most about you ladies is how you empower other women like me to never take “No” as an answer and devote your loyalty to the people who deserve it. Michelle and Jamie thank you for giving me a space where I can  be myself and develop my crazy/funny ideas without judging me and making me apart of this great experience. People are defined for what they do in life that’s why I feel very proud to be part of Social DC PR.

Besos XOXO


To My Dearest Betches

Thank You Note

A Book that Every Girl Must Have


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