Get Lazer’d Tour

This past Saturday, Savoy came back in to town with a plan and revenge. Last year, the electronic dance music trio had to cancel their show at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD after only selling 14 tickets, but this year they came back strong on their Get Lazer’d tour and completely sold out the venue!

         photo 2photo 1

Originally from Colorado, Savoy is an electronic dance music band/DJ trio known for their heavy bass while preserving their jam band Rock edge, and of course, their amazing light show.  Last year, I saw them at U Street Music Hall – a DJ-owned and operated basement dance club and live music venue – for their Live with Lasers tour and was  amazed by their laser light show and incredible energy. In fact, it was one of the first DJ shows I went to in DC, and it was a great experience seeing them one year later with an even greater hunger and magnitude.

Last year's show at U Street Music Hall

Last year’s show at U Street Music Hall

Needless to say, the DMV area is blessed with outstanding music venues bringing countless of amazing talent to pass through the nation’s capital. Even President Obama’s daughter, Malia, couldn’t miss this opportunity!

Malia Obama spotted

Malia Obama spotted

photo 4photo 3

By: Alissa Kitamura

P.S. Check out my favorite song from their newest album, Self Predator – I’m In Need (<-Soundcloud)


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