What She Really Thinks About The Typical V-day Present?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and sometimes you wonder if the person you are seeing or dating really knows how you feel about “that” typical present that plenty of woman get for Valentine’s Day. We are talking about the symbolic gesture that in some point you have faced…He gives you a dozen roses, Godiva chocolates, and that adorable V-day card.

I’m sure you have wondered what’s the meaning of this present over and over again, or what kind of person he must be to do such a gesture. You cannot avoid analyzing this situation before feeling overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Being disappointed is not on our list that day for sure!

Keep Calm And Always Drink Wine

Yes, flowers are a very nice gesture, too bad that flowers die. If you have to be realistic, flowers do not really die, once their cut they are already dead. Nobody really wants to get a dead present right? Chocolate is the key of any girl’s heart… mmm correction! Chocolate aggravates the changes that the next day you could wake up with your face full of pimples. This action may eventually be a potential fashion disaster that not even makeup could cover up #theworstnightmare.

 And then… the adorable Valentine’s Day card, when you read it you are thinking “this is an outstanding piece of writing” because you are sure that the author studied literature in a very good school…he has skills! Oh wait, the note at the end “With affection XXX” doesn’t really make you the creator of the card but more precisely the one who bought it.

Dating is hard and even harder having the pressure of this holiday with somebody you just met, so just some advice for guys out there: Make it simple! Take her out to a nice dinner, open the door of the car, hold her hand, offer a toast for the moment and kiss her like you mean it. Sometimes the real secret is to focus on those small things, trust me a real woman would really appreciate it… and why not a nice piece of jewelry so she can remember you forever! Ha-ha just joking!!!



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