Beach Reminders

We are far from beach time but it is never too early to be mind-set and ready for those hot days by the ocean. If you really think about it, spring time is less than a month away! Sometimes we think that there are basic rules that everyone should know but that’s not always the case, so here is a list of reminders for those sunny days by the beach:


1. Shaving should not be option, it should be a mandatory requirement before stepping a foot into the sand. We say “No” to that hairy “sweater back” for guys and that French armpit for the ladies. It’s a “No No No” summer rule!

2. There should be an age limit for wearing a thong…and again that goes for both guys/girls. It’s terrifying when the person in front of you turns around and you don’t know if they realized that they forgot to wear bottoms. It’s that type of “Oh no!” moment when you can’t distinguish if there is something dividing the lower back and the legs! The worst part is that you can’t look away, it’s confusing and not a nice view.

3. Steroid arms are soooo 1999! If you are going to show off your big muscles and arm full of tattoos please be aware that people may not be looking at how big your arms are. They may just be trying to figure out if you have a tattoo of snake or a dragon. 

4. You may know how to play Pandora or iTunes on your phone, but that doesn’t make you a DJ! Please bring your headphones. Nobody is really interested in that old school rap haha.

5. When it comes to mingling by the beach…If you are wearing that tiny, mini, micro, XS bodysuit/speedo be aware that size does matter…and it goes for both sexes!

 At the end of the vacation with your friends you will realize that no matter what happens (like the big mess in the kitchen that nobody wants to clean, the trash that somebody forgot to take out and the drunken arguments on those long nights out), your good friends are always your biggest fan. They are always going to appreciate your friendship and will support every good and bad decision you made during vacation. Take this tips into consideration during your next beach trip so you can limit those bad decisions though!



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