The Virgin Guide to Sunday Funday at A-town


If you haven’t heard of A-town yet, you’re probably hiding in a cave somewhere. The Arlington hot spot has blown up within the past year attracting a very young, wild, and fun crowd, and occasionally even some celebrities such as world-renowned DJ Ferry Corsten.  While it’s still a fun place to go on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s highly recommended to experience a “Sunday Funday” there. I remember my first time going to A-town last summer for a friend’s Sunday Funday birthday brunch and I had no idea that a whole new world was about to be unleashed, leaving me to come back for many more. First off, the $20 all-you-can-eat brunch is PHENOMENAL. Mike Cordero’s menu consists of everything from a bloody mary bar to crab legs to sushi to pizza to an omelette station to prime rib to empanadas, the list goes on, but god damn, it’s good. Especially, for the average Arlingtonian who is probably hurting from the Saturday night before. And what better way to cure a hangover? Keep drinking, of course. They’ve got you covered with $20 magnum sized bottles of Champagne mimosas for you to enjoy throughout the day. Which you’ll then finish… and order another one for your table because the buzz off the mimosa will make you feel generous (and rich?) all of sudden. 1 PM rolls around and then the light house music that was being played softly earlier all of a sudden cranks up and next thing you know it, you’re not just bobbing your head lightly to Alesso’s “Lose My Mind” but full on, standing up at your table, raging and trying to pretend how to shuffle. Next door table neighbors all of a sudden become your new entourage, which then calls for another bottle of Champagne to be ordered but this time it comes with SPARKLERS. You know, those little things you enjoyed as a kid (or even still now) on 4th of July, yeah those little things come with your champagne and for some reason it makes everyone giddy to drink their face off. And if you’re really special, a little man (whom is also a dear friend of mine) named Huan will be dressed to the T in a costume (think Superman, Elvis, Cowboy… the list goes on and gets more creative each time you come back) and personally hand delivers your bottle with your sparkler. Talk about not just extraordinary, but impeccable customer service. Bravo, A-town!! The rest of the day pretty much then becomes a blur…but it’s comparable to your college day drinking days. And we all know how those end up. But obviously, we’re adults now so we’ve gotta replace the four lokos with fireball shots. Yippee! Yay for adulthood!

For those of you who have never been and are about to embark on their first A-town journey, I leave you with some wise words of advice before you pop that A-town cherry of yours.

1) Dress to impress. You’re going to be running into everyone and their mothers, and that asshole ex-boyfriend of yours, so you want to look your hottest at all times. This is not the time for your uggs, sweats, and no makeup. Just, no. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

2) Come prepared with an empty stomach- both for the delicious food and drinks. Like I said… all you can eat buffet of a variety of different food… and magnum bottles. You must make room. I don’t care if you have to vomit all that shit you ate the night before. It’s game time bitch.

3) Come with a good attitude and be open-minded to meeting new people. All sorts of people. Asians, Old People, Hispanics, whatever, A-town doesn’t discriminate. And you shouldn’t either.

4)If you’re not going to come at 10:30 on the dot and don’t want to wait an hour or more for a table. YOU. SHOULD. MAKE. A. RESERVATION. Preferably, a week in advance. (I know, it sucks, but I guess that’s what happens your spot becomes blown up)

Other than that, get ready for the best Sunday of your life and to succumb to the world of “A-town”.

Disclaimer: Some people LOVE A-town, some people HATE it. I personally love it, but understand it may be a bit…. too much for people. But I guess not EVERYONE can hang right? 😉


A-town girl.


My first time at A-town for my friend Maya’s birthday.


Brunch Crew






Thanks A-town for all the good memories… can’t wait for the bajillion more.


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