St. Patricks Day for Non Beer Drinkers


For those who are not beer drinkers if we have to be honest… San Patrick Day sucks! I wonder if there is a “San Vino Day” to celebrate non beer drinkers once in awhile? If not that is a great idea about to be stolen! We all love parades and bar crawls but the limitations are always a barrier when it comes to this holiday for the non-beer drinkers. Usually you can find $3 dollar beers vs $8 glass of wine in the Arlington area, while you go to New Orleans and you can get a whole bottle of wine in a cup for 5 bucks! Here are some drink ideas so you can keep up with your friends and still feel that you are honoring San Patrick day by only having “green” drinks:

1-Get a Victoriosa drink (Instead of Mimosa): mix of white wine, a touch of club soda and some mashed mint. Combine these ingredients in the shaker for a couple minutes and the key is to serve it in a champagne glass to give it that classy green look!

2-Get the Camouflage drink: mix of red wine with splash of club soda served in a regular beer glass. If somebody asks you are having an Imperial Stout aka the darkest beer out there!

3-Get the Green Bullet: mix sparkling wine with a splash of Irish mist herbal liqueur served in a tall glass with frozen green grapes! The grapes will absorb all the good flavors to blow your mind away!

Salud & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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