Celebrate Shamrock Crawl in Style: Your Guide On What To Wear

Shamrock Crawl is right around the corner and with every holiday bar crawl, comes the excitement of “going all out” and getting dressed up for the festivities. With St. Patrick’s day, obviously wearing the color green is a must to represent St. Patrick, shamrocks, and the Irish in everybody. Keep in mind it’s also a good way to avoid someone pinching you!

As Shamrock Crawl in Arlington nears on March 15th, you can plan to approach your outfit in two ways: Cute vs. Festive

Let’s start with cute.



3. If you want to get a little fancier…. (My favorite outfit for sure)


4.  shamrock4

5. shamrock5

Then there’s Festive. Think crazy and costume-y and get weird! Fun hats, necklaces, sunglasses, tattoos, tu-tus, whatever!






For more outfit inspiration, here’s some pics from previous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations:

shamrock crawl9DSC09641DSC09639



Whether you decide to look cute or go crazy in costume, just remember to have fun and drink responsibly. (if you wish 😉 See you all at the Shamrock Crawl in Arlington on March 15th!

If you still haven’t gotten your tickets, buy them here for 30% off using the code socialdcpr:



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