Eat, Drink & Dance at Republic Kitchen and Bar!!

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The grand opening party of Republic Kitchen and Bar is right around the corner!!! Two cousins, Alan Newton and Anthony Catselides, who partnered with businessman Thanh Cao-dac, own this creative new restaurant. Their vision was to create a restaurant “in which they, themselves, would enjoy eating” and to “offer good food at a reasonable price” (Manitius). They have succeeded and have a delicious opening menu filled with dishes that can be described as “southern comfort-style food with an international flair!” (Manitius).

Get your appetites up because guests are already raving about a few of Republic’s most popular dishes!!

Republic Drunken Beef Cubes: Pan sautéed and served with fresh cucumber cubes tossed in a sesame vinigarette

Chicken and Waffles: Crispy butter-milk battered boneless bonelss chicken breast served over scratch made Belgian waffles, with maple-burbon bacon syrup

Steamed Mussels: Prince Edward Island Mussels steamed in a classic white wine, butter and garlic broth with tomatoes accompanied by slices of grilled rustic bread for dipping

If you’re wondering what special signature cocktails Republic will be offering you at their big Friday night bash, never fear – we have a few of the answers right here!

– A From-Scratch Ginger Beer Cocktail

– The Republic Moscow Mule

– A Bacon Old-Fashioned

– The Ballston Yacht Club with fresh-squeezed grapefruit, vodka, lime and cucumber

Republic wants its customers to have a say in which cocktails prove to be crowd favorites, which is why they are creating a customer-crafted beer and cocktail menu. Based on in-house votes, word of mouth, and number purchased, updates will be posted in the restaurant on drink popularity. Be sure to get your votes out there!!

To keep things fresh, four new trial drinks will be presented monthly by mixologist Les Cherry and the most popular drink will be added to Republic’s menu! (Manitius).

Using fresh and local ingredients in their food and signature cocktail drinks, Republic brings a splash of uniqueness to the Ballston area. Slip on your dancing shoes and come out to celebrate with a night of delish food, drinks, and late night beats!!

Source: Manitius, Natalie. “Republic Kitchen & Bar Celebrates Grand Opening Today .” . N.p., 3 Apr. 2014. Web. 18 June 2014. <;.



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