Food, Drinks and Networking, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That.



It’s been a long week why not sit back, relax and enjoy a great night out at Republic Kitchen and Bar Grand Opening.

Just showing up to events won’t cut it. Networking and making life long connections will make any event all the more worth it.

Connections can lead you to become successful and all you have to do is be willing to meet new people. You would think that this is the easiest thing to do but so many fail to network effectively.

Many may believe that you can only network at business-related events but that is not the case at all. Republic Kitchen & Bar grand opening is great event to put your networking skills to use.

Now that you have an event, the next thing you need to figure out is how to network successfully.

The first tip is to arrive early to the event. When you arrive early you allow for more personable interactions and you are able to set first impressions.

Another helpful tip is to be interested. What I mean by that is to be a good listener. It’s not all about you and people will respect you more if you are willing to see what they have to offer. So while chowing down on Republic’s best chicken and waffles you can connect with someone.

Set goals and expectations. While at this event tell yourself that you should meet a certain amount of people. For example while at the bar getting a drink or while showing your best dance skills on the dance floor be sure to engagae in conversation.

The last and most effective way to network is to follow-up. You have worked hard to make connections be sure to keep them. Within 48 hours of meeting the contact follow up with a request to connect on LinkedIn or with a follow up email.

Now that you have the tips to network, In a few hours is your chance to show what you know. Republic Kitchen and Bar Grand opening is the place to be!

Be sure to RSVP:


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